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Some States are Requiring Salary or Salary Range Be Included in Ads

Over the past year, job boards such as PhysEmp have increasingly asked advertisers to include more information in their posted ads. This request is due in part to requirements by Google as they map out the job landscape (also, learn about the importance of including a city and zip code in ads).

But in fact now, advertisers who omit salary info in job ads in certain states risk running afoul of the law, as new salary transparency laws are being enacted.

In New York City, for example, a law was passed requiring employers to include a salary range for positions in posted ads (including for job promotions and transfers). Prior, employers could withhold pay information, opting instead to discuss it as late as at the end of the interview process.

Physicians seeking jobs stand to benefit from such laws that force greater salary transparency. Candidates quite reasonably want to know what they will be offered as early as possible.

Including Salary Info Can Attract the Right Candidates

The move toward greater transparency is gaining momentum in several states, favoring workers who find themselves empowered due to changes brought on by the pandemic, as we are seeing a larger pool of work and remote opportunities.

Posting a position’s salary can be advantageous for employers, too. By providing this information, employers are better positioned to attract qualified best-fit candidates rather than ones who may not be right for a position (also see mean physician salaries).

Each state has their own salary transparency laws, detailing when employers must disclose salary and other information. The website of a state’s Department of Labor generally will post this information for public view.

As an advertiser posting positions on, it’s to your advantage to include a salary or salary range in your ads. This can result in savings in time and efficiency (for both you and job-seekers, too).

When posting ads to PhysEmp’s job board, the salary of your positions will display in easy-to-read format to candidates on both the mobile app and desktop site in the ad’s short form and in the full posting as well.

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