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Unveiling the Maze: How Your Physician Job Ads Get Seen

The world of physician job advertising can seem like a highly complex affair, but understanding its key pathways can make a significant difference in your recruitment success.

At PhysEmp, our goal is to ensure your ads reach the right candidates, and that starts with transparency about the journey your ad takes.

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Every player in the physician job advertising ecosystem – job boards, independent recruiters, hospital recruiters – shares a common objective: to maximize direct responses from qualified candidates. This serves as the ultimate measure of success for all involved.

The Ad Journey: From Post to Physician

Once you write your ad for a platform like PhysEmp, it embarks on a journey to reach potential candidates. This journey involves several stages:

  • You submit the ad(s) to PhysEmp, which appear on the PhysEmp job board in a listing on our site such as this.
  • Emails are sent out to our recent physician traffic (or to nursing-allied health professionals) that match the specialty and location of your posted jobs
  • Platforms such as PhysEmp go a step further, “pushing” your ads to aggregator sites, which are essentially networks of other job websites. These aggregators (PhysEmp uses several, including jobs2careers, adzuna, and neuvo) act like a digital marketplace, connecting your ad to a wider audience.
  • In addition, your ad can appear also on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google’s “Jobs Near Me,” expanding its reach even farther.

Though at each stage, the desired outcome is a high “pay-per-click” metric, the true measure of success lies in direct responses from physicians. The more responses your ad generates compared to competitors, the better value you receive.

The ‘Chain Reaction’ of Success

Essentially, each player benefits from the success of others. For instance, recruiters want the most responses from candidates; job boards strive for client satisfaction; and aggregators seek revenue through successful business relationships.

The better your ad is written, the greater the chance that everyone wins when the ad yield results.

(PhysEmp monitors many performance metrics, including the performance of our aggregators to ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience.)

However, certain aspects of the advertising “maze” present limitations…

The Importance of City and Zip Code in Ads

Many job boards, aggregators, and even some search engine sites such as Google, require city and zip code information in job postings. Or, if they don’t absolutely require it, they may penalize advertisers for not including it. The result can be poorer rankings and lower performance.

It’s a fact—and perhaps an obvious one—that ads placed by hospital and clinic recruiters (as direct employers) almost always include city and zip code info. The reason is that employers have nothing to hide, since they are the hiring institution.

However, some independent recruitment firms may wish to withhold specific identifying information due to concerns about candidates being poached by competitors. But this is the wrong strategy. Given the penalties for this practice, we highly recommend always including the city and zip code in ads.

By omitting that data, you’re essentially limiting your ad’s exposure across many key channels, ultimately leading to fewer direct responses from qualified physicians.

The Final Call: More Data Leads to Better Results

To maximize the reach  of your ads, we strongly encourage you to include the city and zip code for your posted positions. By doing so, you’ll unlock a wider network of potential candidates and increase your chances of finding qualified candidates.

How does PhysEmp data to back up our assertion that “more data means more responses”? We know that because we track which ads get the most responses.

PhysEmp metrics report

Listings at that include more data (such as city and zip code) get more results


PhysEmp is here to help you navigate the maze and achieve successful physician recruitment. Let’s work together to ensure your ads receive the maximum exposure and generate the best possible results!

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