Why Do the Responses to My Ads Fall Off Over Time and What PhysEmp Does to Prevent it

PhysEmp not only displays our clients’ ads on our website viewable by thousands of job seekers, but we employ an algorithm and a strategy that also posts them to a constantly updated and changing list of aggregators. That way, they are seen by more job seekers.

(“Aggregators” are job boards such as Zip Recruiter, Glassdoor, and Jobs2careers.)

Most sophisticated job boards such as PhysEmp’s that specialize in the medical field generally will send ads to aggregate sites or network sites such as LinkedIn and Google to find “more eyeballs.” But how the ads will perform on those sites is variable, and will impact the success of your advertising effort.

Our focus is on getting you access to more traffic

Most job boards will post ads to the same aggregators, social media sites, or network sites day after day, week after week, month after month. The problem with that is that it basically puts the ads in front of the same job seekers over and over. The result? Quite often it’s an eventual falloff in responses over time as your ads are overexposed to the same traffic.

PhysEmp takes a different approach, one informed by our 30 years in the business.

We move ads around strategically and proactively to aggregators we’ve researched as the most effective in order to keep the focus on new traffic. In other words, we don’t continually mine the same ground over and over. The result is getting the advantage of more and different eyes on your ads.

Learning peoples’ habits is the key

Doctors and medical professionals, like most people, tend to be habitual. They wake up in the morning and check over the same sites. That could mean Yahoo News, Google, or wherever they will peruse job ads.

You may have ads running on those job boards. But if they are ONLY running there, you will only see the same job seekers.

PhysEmp’s strategy is to move ads to aggregate sites for a finite amount of time as determined by our metrics, then move them to a different site with potentially different job seekers. And then we go on to yet a different one that is yet more fertile ground, always on the search for additional job seekers. 

One of PhysEmp’s top value-adds is that we offer access to a database of job seekers who have looked for positions in the past year—i.e., the high potential candidates. Our advertising strategy outlined in this article helps to ensure that our database is constantly bringing in new physicians and medical professionals.

We strategically move ads around so that the largest audience is always available to you!

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