PhysEmp Unveils 3 New Website Features to Aid Recruiters

PhysEmp, a leading platform connecting recruiters and healthcare organizations with job-seeking physicians, has unveiled several key website improvements aimed at enhancing the success of recruiters.

These updates will empower recruiters to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

  1. Enhanced Reports with Dedicated Tabs

PhysEmp users have always been able to access useful reporting on their ads’ performance. Now, the reporting section has been updated to offer a more intuitive, easier experience (previously, all reports had been consolidated on a single page).

With this update, recruiters can access two information-rich reports accessible through dedicated tabs: “My Reports” and “My Stats.” Here is a breakdown of both:

Report tabs

The new tab structure in reports


My Reports. This tab provides access to critical administrative details, including:

  • Active ads
  • Remaining ad credits
  • Contract renewal date
  • Remaining contract days
  • Start date
  • And more

My Stats. This new tab offers database usage statistics pertaining to your account. You can track key metrics such as:

  • Ad views generated
  • Database additions
  • Profile reviews
  • Physician matches identified
  • CV downloads
  • Number of times jobs have been emailed directly to physicians
  • And more
  1. Salary Field Now Included in Reports

PhysEmp, understanding the importance of comprehensive data in decision-making, has integrated a new salary field into the Reports page.


New salary field in reports

Alongside key metrics such as city, zip code, ad age, and ad length, the addition of salary information provides further valuable insight. Recruiters can now tailor recruitment strategies more effectively and negotiate with candidates more confidently.

  1. A More Streamlined Log-in Process

PhysEmp has introduced an easier log-in process designed for the needs of both our client recruiters and job-seeking physicians & healthcare professionals.

On the recruiter side, this update ensures an easier, smoother experience, allowing you to focus on your core task of finding the perfect candidate for your healthcare organization or client!

PhysEmp login

PhysEmp Log In

PhysEmp: 110% Dedicated to Efficiency in Services

These enhancements underscore PhysEmp’s commitment to supporting recruiter success. We provide the tools and insights you need to thrive in the competitive physician recruitment landscape.

By prioritizing data-driven decision-making, PhysEmp elevates the recruitment process, resulting in more fruitful partnerships between healthcare organizations, recruiters and physicians. With our tools, you can navigate the recruitment process with confidence, leading to more successful placements!

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Written by Warren Goldie