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7 Exciting New Features Coming to the PhysEmp Job Site in 2023

PhysEmp is proud to announce new features coming in 2023 that will improve the user experience for both advertisers and job seekers alike. Here are 7 that we are particularly excited about:

  1. More speed!

PhysEmp users know that a click to any link on the site brings up the next page lightning fast. This is great for busy people (most of us!), whether job seeker, recruiter, or employer. In 2023, we will be further optimizing and streamlining our technology’s speed and performance in addition to adding more helpful data, such as salary info for physician positions published by the U.S. Department of Labor, for convenient reference by users.

2. Continued refinement of reports and advertising 

Our clients know that after logging in, a helpful Report Card displays highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of their advertising copy, as well as providing a letter “grade.”  We are currently working on adding more fields and features, including an alert that tells you if you have entered duplicate data (which can decrease ad performance).

3. Improvements to the Locum job search

The world of work includes permanent, temporary, and part-time positions. While many jobs in medicine are full-time, there are significant locum positions as well. PhysEmp is improving our technology and interface for advertising these locum positions. For recruiters and employers, it will be easier to advertise these opportunities, with even more tools on the way. On the job seeker side, we will be focused on maintaining our high quality service in our interactions with physicians.

4. Continued focus on improving mobile user interface

A significant portion of our traffic comes from mobile users, as physicians increasingly search out jobs on their mobile phones. We pride ourselves on our technology’s scalability to display on devices of all sizes. Our functioning continues to improve on the smaller devices, improving the overall user experience. One exciting current project is to optimize the presentation of maps (showing where positions are located) to perfection on small devices. 

5. Expansion in nursing and allied healthcare capability, and rolling out of a nursing database

PhysEmp is well known among recruiters, hospital admins, and others for our flagship database of 1000’s of physician job seekers used to find qualified doctors in all specialties who have searched in the past year. But we are actively building a database of nursing and allied healthcare job-seekers as well which should be available for use in 2023. We will provide similar functionality to our physician database, including advertising, reports, and many other great features.

6. Homing in on a more targeted approach to physician outreach (better “match” emails)

Historically, our match emails that go to physicians are organized by specialty and state. That works well for many states but not all. Currently we are working on improving the location included on match emails, meaning that, for example, physicians looking in San Francisco will see jobs only in and around that area but not in, say, San Diego. We are tightening the screws on accuracy! Now we know where people are looking because our data is better, and advertisers are now including zip codes in ads.

7. Greater functionality of our popular maps feature

The locations of many open positions are shown as pins in maps that display on our site, giving users a quick take on locations. In 2023, look for additional functionality that will make it even easier for job seekers to utilize maps, including the capability to save searches for jobs located exactly where they are interested in working.

We thank you for your trust in us as we continue to optimize our site for the best possible user experience. Our robust site is getting even more powerful!

As always, our focus is on creating the smoothest, most intuitive user experience possible. All of the improvements mentioned above will be seamless to our subscribers and users. We will announce them, but the site will continue to work just the same as it does now, only better!

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