Why You Should Include a Physical Address in Your Ads

Google is requesting that those of us who post job ads provide complete info, including the physical address (and zip code) of jobs.

So, it’s important that you include an address in your ad.

Here’s why:

Google is working to map the entire job marketplace—and so, the more details we can provide on a job’s location, the higher the relevancy Google will assign to that job post.

This has a trickle-down effect that will massively affect many other sites, including social media sites, paid aggregate sites, and job boards. These sites will all have to fall in line with Google’s requirements.

Or else.

The or else is that your job ad may not be shared on other sites.

Here’s what we mean

By heeding Google’s requirements to include an address in your ads, you will have a greater chance that your jobs will be shared “down the line” on other sites. That means more eyes on your ad, including potentially the right fit candidate.

Here’s how this looks in actual practice:

You have posted an ad with PhysEmp for a position. We display it on our job board (and in our mapping feature) but also we automatically share it on a number of other sites and job boards, too, getting you the most visibility.


If you leave out the address or zip code, Google’s algorithm may reduce the number of potential other sites that could also display the ad, by as much as a half or a third.

So, the job sites on which we re-post your ad to—say ABC Top, for example—may refuse your ad if it doesn’t include a zip code or address…

… because of  Google’s stated requirements.

Of course, you want your ads displayed on as many online venues as possible and thus seen by more candidates. Then be sure to heed Google’s commandments.

Include an address and zip code in your ad.

It takes just a few keystrokes. And it can pay off big in terms of getting the ad seen in lots of places.

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