How Does the PhysEmp Database Stack Up If I Need to Search for a Specific Physician Specialty?

Sometimes we get asked by our recruiter and hiring administrator clients, “How good is your database if I’m looking to fill positions in just one or two specialties?”

Certain clients may indeed be seeking to target a narrow hiring need such as, say, radiologists. They will come to us asking, “How many radiologists do you have? Can you fulfill that one need?’

Our answer is often or sometimes—but there is a reason for this and it’s not necessarily a disadvantage. Our database numbers accurately reflect the percentage breakdown of the entire physician job marketplace.

So, if the total number of physicians is down, our numbers will be, too.

There are Less Physicians Working Than a Few Years Ago

The total number of working physicians is on the decline. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has published totals of all active physicians by specialty in this chart.

If you are a recruiter looking to fill vacancies solely in a certain specialty, our response is that not all specialties are created equal. That is, there are far fewer docs working in certain ones, and thus, for this reason, the database numbers may be limited in those fields.

According to the AAMC data, over 900,000 physicians are at work in the U.S. today. While the medical field boasts more than 118,000 family medicine doctors, there are only:

  • 2,639 pediatric critical care specialists
  • 3,943 vascular surgeons
  • 4,407 interventional cardiologists

… in the entire U.S.

And many other specialties are showing lower numbers as well. If you’re looking to fill those kinds of positions, keep in mind that it may be more challenging than in times past.

It’s true: our database–though of very high quality– is slightly smaller than it was three years ago, but that’s only because there are fewer physicians today. Our numbers reflect the marketplace.

PhysEmp’s Vetted Database Offers High Quality Options

The reason that PhysEmp can meet your needs is that our database services offer the shortest timeframe and the most scrutiny of physician candidates.

Our tighter, vetted database of relevant doctors can be more advantageous than other boards and agencies that offer a larger database but one that may contain old or obsolete data. These often will be struggling for relevant info as the marketplace continues to shrink.

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