New ad posting feature: Display salary prominently in your ads

Now, advertisers can display salary info for posted positions, which will appear prominently near the top of ads in both the quick view and full display of ads.


Adding salary info increases views

You can display salary info as an hourly rate, weekly rate, per annum—or in whichever way you wish. The salary figure can be a range or a fixed amount.

We believe this will increase the response rates of your ads. This is a great step toward drawing more attention to your posted positions!

The salary displays on both our mobile app’s partial display and on the full desktop program.

If you use a feed and need assistance with inputting salaries, please contact our customer support team for help. Or if you input your ads manually, the steps will be easy to follow (but always reach out to us if you need assistance).

Also note that the underlying software that supports has been recently upgraded. Already the fastest performing medical job site in the industry, works even speedier now!

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