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2022 Rewind: Last Year’s Top Accomplishments

Welcome to 2023! The staff at PhysEmp wishes you a good and productive New Year!

We’d like to take a moment to rewind back to last year’s top accomplishments – advances we’ve implemented that benefit both clients and job seekers alike. Here are a few:

A faster website. Who isn’t pressed for time? Job seekers and recruiters want greater efficiency. That’s why it’s a high priority for us to ensure that each click on our site brings up the next page lightning fast. In 2022, we provided updates that increased our site’s speed.

A better mobile interface. For years we’ve offered a site optimized for the small screen of mobile devices, so that physicians and job seekers will see the ideal amount of info in a clear, intuitive display. Last year’s enhancements included the addition of our popular mapping feature for mobile.

Comprehensive data on physicians’ salaries. In 2022, we began posting data on salaries published by the U.S. Dept. of Labor Statistics, including mean salaries for most physician specialties by U.S. state for easy reference.

Salary highlighted. We added a new salary field for each published advertisement. Many state laws require displaying salary data in advertisements, whether online or in print, in their state.

Increased security against bots. It’s an unfortunate fact that phony “job seeker” bots apply for jobs on boards such as ours, wasting our clients’ time during their candidate reviews. In 2022, we instituted a technology that eliminates bots on the spot. In addition, we did away with time-wasting captchas.

Further refinement of reports. Info our clients glean from our informative reports details the performance of their ads—including recommendations for improvement—which is one key to a more effective advertising strategy. In 2022, we improved several of our reports.

New features and improvements current and/or in process…

Note these projects we are working on now:

Improvements to the locum job search. Starting in 2022 and continuing on into 2023 we are making it easier to advertise locum opportunities. On the physician job-seeker side, we will be focused on maintaining our high quality services in this area.

More nursing and healthcare jobs. Our candidate database has included nursing and allied health positions for a few years now. This database, which has thousands of job seekers, continues to grow.

Timely stories published in our two blogs. Our employer blog features articles and industry info of interest to recruiters, hospital administrators and hiring officers. Our Career Beat physician blog offers stories for medical professionals. We post new content each week.

Our trademark “Iowa-nice” support. As always, we offer expert support and guidance. Our sales and support staff average 8 years in the industry per person, which translates to time savings for clients and job seekers as efficiencies are passed on and errors and missteps avoided. Since we are based in Iowa, we go out of our way to ensure competent, friendly service.

We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023!

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