PhysEmp Data Quality

Our Physician Data is Accurate and Verified

PhysEmp’s quality control process assures that our data is of high quality. Each physician’s record in the our database has been checked and verified by our customer support team as accurate and up-to-date. We never allow physician information to be “dumped” into the system, haphazardly added, or permitted to remain if unverified.

When a physician applies for a position at, that person’s detailed application is sent via our internal system for review by customer service. If a curriculum vitae (CV) has been supplied, it is examined closely. If the information on it can be verified, it is added to the physician’s record.

Our stringent quality control process means that recruiters only see accurate, verified data.

Data we supply:

  • Degrees and schooling
  • Specialty
  • Residency information
  • Citizenship and/or visa status. Some clients are looking specifically at J-1 and H-1 visa status.
  • Licensing. For example, if a physician holds a license to practice in the state of Iowa, that info will be displayed so that hiring managers and recruiters know that he or she can work in that state. We take out the guesswork for our clients.
  • Board certifications and Board eligibility. Many of our clients want to know if the physician has taken the extra step to become certified after his or her residency. Some clients look specifically for Board-certified physicians for jobs.
  • Address and contact information

The vast majority of our physicians provide us with a CV. As of January 2022, 81% of all physicians in the PhysEmp system had a CV.

What if a Physician Hasn’t Supplied a CV?

If this is the case, our team does the necessary research. We reach out to the physician (by email) to obtain that info, then add it to their record. Our team does online research including on sites such as LinkedIn to provide as much information about candidates as possible.

Once we are confident a physician is fully qualified to work as a doctor in the U.S. we make the record live.

Physicians who have entered their info in the system who we can’t verify as a doctor (or who lack other essential information), are marked as Pending in the database. These records are not viewable to users. We then set about acquiring the necessary information, requesting the CV or doing whatever else may be needed. Once the record is complete, we take it live.

Some physicians choose to opt out of PhysEmp. Perhaps they have landed a job or have made a situational change. If so, we update their record accordingly and send them an email: “We noticed that you’ve opted out, would you be interested in being contacted by recruiters within our clientele?” We give them that option and honor their choice.

Accuracy, Not Size, Matters

The PhysEmp database is not as large as those of certain other job sites because we offer only physician candidates who are quality potentials. We are constantly updating our database to ensure that our physicians are currently looking for jobs and that they are the doctors they claim to be. The size of the database is also smaller because of the time limit (generally, 1 year versus 3 to 5 years) that we keep physicians in.

PhysEmp facts:

  • Physician data is viewable in our database for 1 year from the physician’s last application
  • All physicians on the site have been looking for jobs in the last year
  • Physicians in our database are sent emails alerting them to jobs that match their search criteria

PhysEmp takes pride in our quality control processes and the range of options we offer our clients, perfected over our 30 years in the business. Our goal is to provide recruiters and hospital administrators with only the highest-quality candidates and data.

Have a question about PhysEmp’s data management and review process? Contact our operations manager (email) who will be happy to assist you.

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