PhysEmp Increases Security Measures Against Spam, Bots, and Unwanted Agents

A common and seemingly ever-present problem in the online world is spam. No one wants to receive it. Savvy online businesses take measures to stay ahead of it. 

Yet the barrage into work accounts continues, at times eluding even the most sophisticated of defenses.

We are seeing spam contacts in the medical job search field as well—bots and malicious agents that find entry onto our site whether through a Google search, paid advertising, or external links. These bots are getting so sophisticated that they now can bypass captcha code, fill in a job-search form, and seemingly apply for positions.

The goal is often to enter our database and ultimately gain the ability to send info to recruiters and others who have placed ads, seemingly as applicants to positions. The info they populate into fields is often gibberish. At times, links are included.

We’ve seen an uptick in spam since early 2022 at PhysEmp. No doubt many other online businesses have as well. Which is why we’ve instituted a new high-tech process to catch and delete these unwanted contacts.

Our new security measures

There are multiple goals of spammers. Some are attempting to promote a product or service. Others try to infect a system, steal information, or hobble processes by overwhelming a database with requests.

Whatever their reason or goal is, these unwanted agents waste our time and resources.

Fortunately, PhysEmp has instituted a process that now has this problem under control. Our new security measure identifies these imposters and deletes their info and agents from our system. This happens behind the scenes, not out front as with a captcha. We expect it will work well for a long time to come.

Our unique method

Captchas have in the past worked, but not so much anymore. (A captcha is that picture you see of a bicycle, traffic light, or some other recognizable item you are asked to identify in order to proceed into a site or a process.)

PhysEmp’s Quality Assurance team’s secure method allows us to verify that job seekers who apply for jobs are not phonies, but are real people, based on their application data.

Note that we undertake this verification process on all responses to our clients’ ads, confirming the data before we pass it on to our advertisers.

As an advertiser using our system, you may have seen some spam through last week (the first week of October 2022). Now, we can assure you, you will see very little of it due to our new protections.  We are confident in the effectiveness of this system–so much so that we have removed all captchas from our site, which will eliminate one very annoying part of responding to your advertisements! 

We look forward to continuing to bolster our defenses against spambots and other unwelcome intruders, giving all users of our site an uninterrupted and productive experience.

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