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PhysEmp’s Many Firsts – The Achievements of a Pioneer in Healthcare Job Search

As a premiere job board for 30 years, PhysEmp has achieved many firsts in our industry, including following notable ones.

First site to provide detailed reports on clients’ ad content quality

PhysEmp was the first site to generate and present reports on our clients’ on ad content, highlighting important issues that can diminish the effectiveness of ads, including: ad age, ad length, ads without cities, ads without zips, etc. 

Top site to institute a robust spam filter to stop intrusive bots, without using Captcha

Spam bots that sign onto job boards and “respond” to ads can be expensive and a waste of time for advertisers. Due to new programming we’ve added in 2022, we have stopped it, so now our advertisers don’t have to deal with these nuisances and physicians don’t have to bother with completing irritating Captcha requests.

First physician job board to offer maps showing job locations

PhysEmp’s map feature presents pins showing the locations of job opportunities, giving job seekers a visual aid that can be very useful in the search. These can be conveniently saved for later use. 

Fastest performing site

PhysEmp has long been considered the speediest performing job site in the industry. From updating our large database of job-seekers to each year to optimizing it to top performance to updating the MS backend, our website continues to offer excellent click-to-page speed. 

Current and updated salary data

Many states are passing legislation that will require salaries to be listed for jobs in their state. Google loves data such as this, and so do job seekers. This was one of our most requested features, now live since mid-2022. It’s too early to know for sure, but all signs are showing that with our way of highlighting salary in both ads and the navigation bar, we will see higher responses from job seekers.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with a fast, feature-rich site!

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