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Recruiter Rx’s Top Physician Recruiting Blog Posts of 2015

PhysEmp’s blogs have had a great 2015! After putting together our most popular CareerBeat blog posts of 2015, now we’d like to share the most widely circulated RecruiterRx posts with you. You might have missed them last year, and there are some valuable physician recruiting tips here.



    • Email Marketing Webinar for Physician Recruiters (35 shares)
      Last year marked the beginning of PhysEmp’s informative webinar series for physician recruiters. Our email marketing webinar—hosted by the amazing Mark H. Cohen of Colloquy Digital, LLC—was widely attended and warmly received, we’re happy to say. Participants learned all about how to integrate email into their existing campaigns, how to use email marketing with integrity, how to use lists, what makes a great email, and other tips and tools. The webinar is now archived, and you’re welcome to watch the replay.


    • How to Write Magnetic Ads (31 shares)
      For more than 20 years, physician recruiters across the country have been posting physician job opportunities on physemp.com. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about what kinds of ads appeal to doctors (and, conversely, what turns them off). To help you write ads that catch the attention of quality physicians, we’d like to share some helpful tips.


    • 5 Ways to Stress-Proof Your Office Over the Holidays (29 shares)
      Workplace stress is no fun, and it can have a detrimental effect on your work, health, and life in general. But fear not. Here are a few suggestions for keeping spirits bright at your workplace during the holiday season—or any time of year.


    • Recruiting in a Digital World (25 shares)
      This was our very first webinar, and it was also hosted by marketing Maven Mark H. Cohen. The fast-paced, interactive webinar offered tips on finding online hotspots where physicians spend time. If you’d like to learn where physicians are spending time online, what they’re doing, and how to leverage that to attract top candidates..


We hope you’ve enjoyed our first year of RecruiterRx blogging, and of course we welcome your feedback and suggestions. What topics would you like us to cover in 2016, whether on this blog or in webinars? We’re all ears!

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