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PhysEmp Traffic Report: Driving Doctors to Your Jobs

Good news! Our site traffic report for the first quarter is in, and the results show your physician job postings with us are getting more exposure than ever.


As you can see from the chart below, 43% of‘s total site traffic comes from organic search. What that means is, we rank high on all search engines like Google and Yahoo and aggregate job boards like Simply Hired. How does that translate for you as a physician recruiter? More traffic for those physician jobs you’re looking to fill.

Top Channels January to March 2015

Extra Perks on Aggregate Sites

Your job postings appear not only on our site but on aggregate sites like, which pick them up and run them for free. This, in turn, brings more traffic, and it gives your ads more exposure. As with anything, it’s best to keep a watchful eye on these aggregate postings to see how they are doing and ensure they are on sites that will bring you the right kind of traffic: physicians. We do that for our physician recruiters, free of charge.

Lots of Direct Traffic

Organic search is our highest source of site traffic and, at 21%, our second highest is direct traffic. What this means for you is a big increase in your odds of sourcing new candidates. Our direct-traffic visitors are physicians in all specialties across the country who have known us and used our services during our 20+ years in the industry. Some of them are looking at physician job postings and others are updating their profile in our Active Physicians Database to let hospitals, clinics, and/or recruiters like you know they are interested in new opportunities. Either way, our direct traffic is working for you as a recruiter.

High Job Views & Direct Responses

The numbers show that your job postings are definitely being seen, and in many, many cases, they’re catching the interest of doctors. From January to March of 2015, thousands of medical doctors throughout the U.S. came to to explore new employment opportunities. During that time, there were 331,122 job views by physicians, as well as 9,169 direct responses.

2,612,656 Users Since 2005

Since November of 2005, when Google Analytics was first launched, has hosted 3,921,000 visits, and of those, 2,612,656 were individual visitors. That’s a lot of traffic. We’ve been online since 1994—that’s more than 20 years—so you can imagine what the total number of visits we’ve had over the years might be. All those years in business have led us to be a site with very high direct traffic, which means your job postings go much further with

To conclude, generally when we think of traffic, all kinds of unpleasant things come to mind: car exhaust, honking horns, and endless waits on jam-packed freeways. But in the context of our website, all this traffic is a good thing—especially for you as you continue your nationwide recruitment searches for top physicians. So here’s to even more heavy traffic in the weeks and months ahead!

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