Earn More This Summer with Locum Tenens Jobs

Looking to make a little extra money this summer? There’s still time to explore locum tenens opportunities in all specialties across the country. Locum tenens jobs are a great way to gain new experiences, travel, strengthen your CV and, of course, grow your bank account.

Summer is prime locum tenens time, as many physicians are on vacation and are looking for someone to fill in. In private practice settings, multiple members of the practice may be taking vacation days at the same time, or close together, which creates an even larger need. If you are hired for a locum tenens job, you’re ensuring continuity within the private practice; the physicians can continue to “see” patients and bill for services provided.

Turnaround time tends to be quicker in the hiring process for locum work, and it’s certainly not too late to explore locum opportunities for this summer.

From your side, the benefits are manifold. For one thing, locum work gives you the opportunity to travel to different parts of the state or country. For another, it offers you the chance to work in a new environment and with a new team. If you’re considering a shift in your career, locum work is a great way to try different settings on for size to determine if they feel like a good fit. All the while, you’re adding new experiences, skills, and references to your CV.

Word to the wise: not all locum tenens staffing companies are created equal. A good locum tenens staffing company will be your advocate and will take care of your travel, housing, and malpractice insurance. Be sure to research the company well.

Where to start your search? There are plenty of locum tenens jobs to choose from on PhysEmp.com.

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