Top 3 PhysEmp Advantages

What Makes PhysEmp Different? Top 3 Advantages

PhysEmp isn’t like a lot of medical job search sites. We differentiate ourselves in many ways to assist recruiters to achieve more placements and greater efficiency.

For professionals seeking qualified candidates to fill roles in healthcare, following are three time- and money-saving advantages to working with PhysEmp.

  1. A High Quality Database of Qualified Physicians Who Are Seeking Jobs

Recruiters can tap our constantly updated database of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals (access is available on a subscription basis. Learn more). Here’s why it’s so effective:

  • Our database includes 1000’s of physicians who have been seeking a job in the past 12 months. While there are larger databases online, they can often include data that’s chock full of obsolete info—that is, physicians who haven’t been looking and/or whose information may be unchecked and inaccurate. Wading through it can be a big time waster.
  • PhysEmp’s QA team verifies that our physician database info is valid, giving recruiters a greater chance of finding high quality leads.
  • Advertisers access an info-rich dashboard showing their ads’ performance, statistics, success rates, and more, along with detailed reports on various ad criteria.

What’s better: access to a huge database of what could be questionable data or access to a smaller, tighter, more accurate one of high probability candidates? We offer the latter.

Our technology is the fastest in the industry, optimized to work on all screen sizes.

  1. We Don’t Poach Leads from Clients (Yes, It Can Be a Problem with Others)

When you post an ad to a medical job board, ask yourself: could that board be competing with you?

It’s a fact that some large recruiting companies own physician job boards. Those companies may be using the leads you’ve paid for. This is an unfortunate conflict of interest, of course. In other words, your rightful leads may be going elsewhere.

Here’s our promise to you: We will never compete with you. Period, full stop.

  • PhysEmp is independently owned. We employ NO recruiters, and thus we don’t do any recruiting of physicians or medical personnel. We have “no skin in the game” … other than your success!
  • There are only a small handful of knowledgeable, independently owned medical job sites such as PhysEmp that don’t recruit.
  • We will continue to be independent and thus free of potential conflicts of interest.

With PhysEmp, you get the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a site that offers top technology and services to lead you to conflict-free lead acquisition.

  1. A Top-Tier Firm, Even if You Are Hearing About Us Just Now

Some of the top talent agencies in Hollywood don’t push their services online so much. Why? Because they are the best in the business and clients come to them.

Well, we don’t keep such a low profile, but we do provide exclusive services. PhysEmp has been used by recruiters for decades due to our top-of-the-line quality. Of course, it’s always helpful to have new clients come on board!

  • Our client retention rate of 80+% is among the highest in the industry, reflecting our successful business model
  • We are one of a handful of premiere resources used by knowledgeable recruiters, year after year
  • Many of our clients who have found success with us don’t necessarily “shout about it from the rooftops.” If they do, they may inadvertently water down the candidate pool in which they’re finding success.

Those are just 3 reasons why PhysEmp is considered a high-quality job search site! There are many more.

Written by Warren Goldie

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