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PhysEmp Will Never Compete with You. That Can’t Be Said For All Job Boards.

by Robert Truog

When you post an ad on a job board, could that job board be competing with you?

It’s a fact that some large recruitment firms and corporations own physician job boards. That could mean:

  • A conflict of interest is possible
  • That is, leads may go to recruiters at the firm that owns that job board
  • Your placement success rate could be affected

An Independently Owned Job Board Exclusively Serves You

One important benefit of using an independently owned job board is that there will be no conflicts of interest. You’re working with a site that isn’t itself doing any recruiting of physicians or medical personnel – one that has no skin in the game (other than your success!).

It’s a fact: PhysEmp employs no recruiters, nor does it do any recruiting, so it is never in competition with recruiters.

As of 2023, there are only a handful of independently owned medical job sites such as PhysEmp. You should be posting your opportunities to their boards.

PhysEmp’s Business Model Is Optimized for Recruiters

As an independently-owned company since entering this industry 30 years ago, we’ve developed many best practices for streamlining recruiting for our clients, including providing access to a large database of physicians who have been looking for jobs in the past year and comprehensive support for ad placement.

Importantly, we never compete with our clients.

Your leads will always go directly to you, via our convenient match alert emails or accessible on our dashboard that you can access as part of our service.

Case Study: A Potential Conflict-of-Interest Scenario

To illustrate our point above, let’s say you’ve posted a family practice opportunity on the job site, BigPracticeDocs (a fictional name), which is owned by TopPhysicianJobs (also fictional), a large corporate recruitment firm. The position is at a hospital in Houston.

You had decided to go with that site because its traffic was high.

Your ad goes up on the BigPracticeDocs board. On the first day, a promising candidate applies for it.

But the potential conflict of interest comes into play because of TopPhysicianJobs’ own recruitment effort. You may be unknowingly in competition with them as a result of posting your ad on the subsidiary company’s board.

While most job sites are probably acting in good faith, conflicts of interest can occur.

PhysEmp’s Client-Centric Assurance

To ensure that you receive all of your leads, post your positions on Here’s our assurance to you:

  • We will never compete with you or try to acquire leads
  • We place 100% effort into servicing our clients, coming from a place of high integrity
  • We will continue to be independent and thus free of conflicts of interest

With PhysEmp, you get the peace of mind that comes from partnering with a site that offers comprehensive support services, the fastest technology in the industry, and conflict-free lead acquisition.

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