PhysEmp's New Year Resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Healthcare Recruiters

Welcome to 2024! PhysEmp is excited about the year’s possibilities and looks forward to supporting you in finding qualified candidates to fill your open positions.

As we begin the year, we suggest these 5 New Year’s resolutions to improve your success rate.

1. ‘Up’ Your Ad Writing Game to Attract Top Candidates

Resolution: “I will clearly define job roles, responsibilities, and requirements in my ads to interest candidates in a very competitive pool. I will include the optimal info to rank high in online search.”

There’s no mistaking that a substandard ad can lose interest from candidates. When advertising on job boards such as PhysEmp, you’ll benefit if you follow these best practices:

  • Include essential info such as salary, city, zip code, etc. You will be rewarded by Google’s ranking algorithms. If you don’t, your ad may drop down in the rankings, unseen by most.
  • Showcase the organization’s strengths, such as cutting-edge medical technologies, research opportunities, or a collaborative healthcare team.
  • Communicate the offline benefits such as work-life balance, community attractions, and career development opportunities to appeal to your physician candidates.

2. Enhance the Adoption and Use of Technology

Resolution: “In the new year, I will explore technologies such as AI-driven recruitment tools and updated applicant tracking systems. This will help to streamline processes and improve efficiency.

  • Explore the new AI-driven tools that can do resume screening and initial candidate assessments to save time so you can focus on more critical tasks.
  • Utilize AI chatbots for candidate engagement and FAQs, providing real-time information and improving the overall candidate experience.
  • Introduce video interviews to save time and resources. This will enable flexibility for both recruiters and candidates, while maintaining a structured interview process.

3. Optimize the Interview Process

Resolution: “I will improve our interview processes, ensuring they are structured, efficient, and provide a positive experience for candidates. This may involve video interviews, obtaining more feedback, and making changes based on data-driven insights.”

  • Standardize your interview process using well-defined, compelling questions to ensure consistency.
  • Solicit feedback from both hiring managers and candidates after each interview round so as to be able to do course corrections.
  • Analyze interview feedback to identify areas for improvement, and implement adjustments for future interviews.

4. Strengthen Candidate Engagement

Resolution: “I commit to enhancing candidate engagement by using social media, regularly updating our website, and using personalized communication strategies. This will create a positive candidate experience and help to attract top talent.”

  • Tailor your communications to candidates using personalized emails, messages, and updates to show genuine interest and commitment
  • Provide timely updates on the status of their application and the overall process.
  • Offer constructive feedback after interviews, demonstrating transparency and a commitment to relationship development.

5. Perform Overall Continuous Improvement Using Feedback

Resolution: “I will actively seek feedback from hiring managers, candidates, and team members to identify areas in need of improvement. This will allow me to refine our processes, address challenges, and enhance overall effectiveness.”

  • Utilize data analytics to assess key recruitment metrics, such as time-to-fill, source effectiveness, and candidate satisfaction. Identify patterns and trends.
  • Establish feedback loops, including regular check-ins with hiring managers, candidates, and team members to gather feedback on the process.
  • Implement continuous training to stay updated on industry trends, technologies, and best practices.

We hope that you have found these 5 resolutions useful! If you can work in any or all of those into your strategy for the year, you will increase your chances of success.

In PhysEmp’s 30+ years of leadership in the recruiting industry we’ve learned of many best practices have helped recruiters to improve their placement rates and overall success. Best of luck to you!

Written by Warren Goldie

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