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Why Haven’t I Heard of You?

Occasionally, a recruiter will call us to inquire about our services and ask, “Why haven’t I heard of you?”

Of course, what they really mean is: “Why haven’t I heard of you until now.”

It’s an interesting question that may have less to do with our quality of service, high client retention rate (80+%), and our database of qualified physician candidates who have been looking for jobs in the last 12 months or less.

In fact, we are one of a handful of premiere resources used by knowledgeable recruiters for many years.

Why our model is better

PhysEmp offers a database service to recruiters that provides an accurate snapshot of the marketplace of job-seekers right now, as opposed to others’ offerings of a huge list of at times obsolete physician names who may have looked for jobs at some point in time and whose contact info may or may not be current.

Anyone, it seems, can build a giant database in 2023. But the question is, is the data useful and accurate?

Many specialist job boards such as PhysEmp’s have been affected in the Google rankings by the huge all-purpose sites. This is true even as we steadily rise in the rankings due to our continually updated technology and content.

So, even if we are an equal or better place to look for jobs, you may not see us rank in the Top 10 (though our traffic is high and ever-climbing).

When it comes to the huge aggregator job sites, it’s worth considering this: Just because something is large and available doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of higher quality.

Sometimes, the more vetted, more controlled data can get you to success quicker. That’s where PhysEmp comes in.

The buzz about PhysEmp may surprise you

So why haven’t you heard of us? Here’s another possible reason.

You may have heard the old adage, “He who knows, doesn’t say. He who says, doesn’t know.”

Many of our clients who have found success with candidates using our data “don’t say.” They will often keep that knowledge close to the vest. They aren’t shouting it from the rooftops.

If you had discovered a gold mine, would you tell other prospectors about it? Probably not.

Another reason our long-time clients might keep the fact of us low-key is that if they share too much with their colleagues, they may be watering down the candidate pool from which they’re drawing and finding success.

These are a few reasons that our clients have been using PhysEmp for years. Even decades. They’ve been highly successful.

And for those recruiters who don’t know about us yet—whom we welcome—we are the best resource you aren’t using!

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