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How Much Revenue Are MDs Generating for Hospitals?

Much has been written about the earnings of physicians. But how much revenue are they, in turn, generating for their affiliated hospitals? For the answer, take a look at the 2016 Merritt Hawkins Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey.


In this survey, Merritt Hawkins data analysts tracked the net revenue brought in by 18 different types of primary care physicians and specialists. As you can see, the average for all specialties is currently around $1,560,688 per year (that’s up from $1,448,136 in 2013). On average, specialists generate a bit more income for their affiliated hospitals (no surprise there) at $1,607,750, whereas primary care physicians, on average, bring their hospitals approximately $1,402,268 each year.

“The survey suggests that capitation value-based payment systems have not to date reduced the volume of revenue-generating activity performed by physicians, and it reinforces the continued prevalence of the fee-for-service model,” writes Travis Singleton, Senior Vice President of Merritt Hawkins. “It also raises the question of how health providers can do more than embrace the ideology of pay for value and get to the reality.”

You can read the full story here in the Merritt Hawkins blog.

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