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Why Isn’t My Ad On the First Page of Google?

Before we delve into the reasons behind your ad not appearing on the first page of Google, it’s essential to note that Google search results now appear as a continuous scroll rather than distinct pages. Hence, the concept of a first page, second page, and third page don’t technically exist anymore.

PhysEmp screenshot

A sample Google page showing a search for physician jobs.

Here’s a look at the continuous scroll:

Let’s consider a scenario where a physician job-seeker searches for “Family Practice Jobs in Bakersfield, Calif.” The search results appear as a long scroll containing numerous ads viewed by scrolling down.

Here is what displays:

Sponsored Sites. At the top of the scroll are sponsored sites. These are typically the largest sites paying for visibility and top positions. It’s worth noting that sites such as that are smaller and more targeted can be easier to navigate.

Jobs Near Me. Following the sponsored sites, the job seeker encounters a display box labeled “Jobs Near Me” (or jobs relevant to the search location). This box showcases 3 job listings and provides a link to more positions compiled by Google. These are actually not paid ad placements, but rather come from Google’s indexed jobs. 

PhysEmp Job in Google Jobs box

PhysEmp job in Google Jobs box

As an advertiser on, your ad may appear in one of these boxes even if you don’t see it during your initial search.

Organic Search Results. Continuing down the scroll, we come to organic search results. These often feature job sites such as Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, PhysEmp, and others. The ranking of these sites depends on factors such as their size, traffic, and authority. 

Your PhysEmp ad will appear in the organic search results. In addition, job-searching physicians can view your ad on our aggregator partner sites, which include ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, Adzuna, TopUSAjobs, and SimplyHired, as well as a constantly rotating group of other aggregators that maximize your ads’ effectiveness. 

We constantly monitor the performance of your ads and make the necessary adjustments based on their performance, which is ever-changing.

Ensuring Maximum Visibility with PhysEmp

Note also that your ads that are displayed on our aggregator sites are more likely to catch the attention of job-seekers and lead them to your PhysEmp-purchased ad. 

Further, your ad will be strategically rotated within the Google listings, on aggregator sites, and on our own platform, which is a leading job search site. In adhering to Google’s compliance requirements, our ads always include location details, zip codes, and other necessary information.

Shifting the Focus

So, rather than fixating on how to get on Google’s “first” page, it’s more important to emphasize whether you are positioning yourself optimally to ensure your job ad is visible to the right people. These 5 Best Practices That Will Ensure Your Job Ads Rank High in Search can help you get there.

PhysEmp’s advertising services, its robust reporting capability, and our compliance with Google’s requirements will maximize the visibility of your ads for physicians seeking employment.

So let’s place the focus on positioning your ad effectively, rather than solely aiming for the first page! 

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