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Finding Talent When Nearly Half of All Physicians Took New Jobs During the Pandemic

The physician recruitment landscape has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years. Nearly half of all physicians switched jobs during the pandemic, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), creating a dynamic and competitive environment.

This poses unique challenges for recruiters who must adapt their strategies to find the best talent in this “new normal.”

The Pitfalls of Outdated Databases

Many recruiters rely on online providers of large databases to source candidates. However, in this era of rapid job movement, it’s important to do due diligence regarding on which database options can be most productive. Consider these critical questions:

  • Does the database you use contain physicians who are actively seeking opportunities, or individuals already placed elsewhere?
  • Does it include outdated information and potentially invalid contact details?

Casting a too-wide net that includes irrelevant data will hinder efficiency and can waste valuable resources.

Chasing physicians who recently secured positions—such as so many during and after the pandemic years—is a fruitless effort, potentially leading to frustration and wasted expenditure.

The PhysEmp Difference: Quality Over Quantity

PhysEmp offers a unique solution, focusing on quality over quantity. Our platform exclusively features:

  • Physicians who have actively applied for jobs within the past year. This ensures that you connect with those genuinely open to new opportunities.
  • Fresh, up-to-date information with verified contact details. No more chasing outdated leads or wasting time with invalid information.
  • An independently-owned platform with no recruitment bias. Unlike competitors who could poach your leads (since their business model may include access to leads), PhysEmp serves solely as your trusted partner in finding the best candidates.

How to Navigate a Tightening Market

The trend of fewer actively job seeking physicians further underscores the importance of a curated platform like PhysEmp. As an additional complicating variable, many physicians have retired or left the field in recent years, further shrinking the available pool.

In such a dynamic environment, access to current, relevant data is crucial for informed decision-making.

Partnering for Success

By leveraging PhysEmp, you gain a competitive advantage. Our platform empowers you to:

  • Identify and connect with top-tier talent actively seeking new opportunities
  • Navigate the evolving job market with confidence and efficiency
  • Optimize your resources and maximize your return on investment

The physician recruitment landscape demands a strategic shift. Rather than being lured by the size of databases, prioritize the relevance and engagement of the candidates you reach.

Partner with PhysEmp to access a curated pool of the best talent, and future-proof your recruitment success.

Embrace the change. Don’t get left behind.

Written by Warren Goldie

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