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How Physicians and Healthcare Practitioners Can Get the Most Out of Working with Recruitment Firms

For job-seekers in the medical field, a recruitment firm can be an invaluable aid, empowering your search and presenting you with opportunities you may not come across on your own.

Enterprise Medical Recruiting, a leading firm, recommends that physicians and other healthcare professionals start with a broad search, limit themselves to working with few recruiters for maximum efficiency, and seek out ones who are expert in a particular specialty (which is possible when working with a large practice such as Enterprise, with many recruiters).

Third-party recruiters generally work with hospitals, clinics, and practices, understanding their long-term objectives. They search for ideal candidates to fill open roles. The recruitment firm will often present a list of their top candidates to the employer.

A good recruiter understands the job seeker’s experience, skill set, and career goals, which will help the recruiter find the right opportunities. 

What you need to know about recruitment firms

Here are a few interesting facts about these firms:

  • There is no fee to the job-seeker. Recruiters are compensated by the hiring organizations.
  • A recruitment firm can be highly useful because they may be aware of unposted jobs
  • Recruitment professionals are often able to offer nuanced insights into hospitals, clinics, and other institutions, and about the market and trends as a whole
  • They will give honest feedback about the job seekers’ experience and expectations
  • Generally they will have access to a large network of employers
  • Recruiters can offer helpful advice for improving a CV, given their deep experience in the field
  • A good recruiter understands that the job search process can be difficult. They can offer helpful advice and support.


Job seekers in the medical field stand to benefit by following a few guidelines in working with recruitment firms. To maximize the relationship, they should:

  • Be honest with recruiters
  • Don’t expect the recruiter to do your work for you
  • Be open to discussing salary
  • Keep in touch, even after you’ve landed a job

A recruitment firm will support you in your search

It’s worth noting that recruiters are not career coaches and can’t make decisions for job seekers. Understandably, employment decisions are complex and personal, and up to the individual. Generally, recruiters are looking to fill specific roles and are usually focused on the highest probability clients.

Physicians, nurses, and other allied health professionals can gain much by working with a recruitment firm. But it’s also a good idea for job seekers to stay active on their own in the search, continuing to network and be proactive, including searching for positions on job boards such as the one offered by PhysEmp.

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