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Why We Don’t Offer Free Trials

One of PhysEmp’s most popular services is a 1-year subscription access to a database of thousands of job-seeking physicians and other medical professionals. This powerful tool is used by recruiters all over the U.S. looking to fill positions, year after year.

We are sometimes asked by recruiters who are considering subscribing to the database: Can I use it for a trial period?

It’s a reasonable question. But unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial or a short-term contract (you can, however, learn about the service in a free demo).

Our Policy on Trials

Why no trial? The reason is that all users granted access to our database get full access from minute 1—that is, the ability to search and download any portion of the database of proprietary physician info that our paid subscribers have contracted for.

A short-term or trial user would give access to this entire candidate pool. This would have the effect of reducing the quality of the candidate database (“watering it down”) for our paying clients. The  trial user would be getting for free what our customers are paying for.

While we wish we could grant short-term access  to the database, it just isn’t possible from a business perspective.

One great value of this database of information is in its dynamic nature. It changes constantly as physicians look for jobs, negotiate with employers, accept positions, and once hired, are removed from the database as someone looking for employment. At the same time, daily, many other job-seekers come into the database.

Why Users Re-subscribe … Or Choose Not To

Why even consider subscribing to access the database? How successful is it? With a subscription renewal rate of more than 85% per year, it’s clear that the ROI has been extremely high for our users. Four out of five re-up their contract annually. They are finding candidates and filling positions.

Based on surveys and customer feedback, those customers who choose not to renew usually do so because they have a limited number of needs. Once those are fulfilled, they tend to opt out (but often, they return later).

We see it as our duty to our customer base to ensure and preserve the integrity of the candidate data for their use, which is why we only allow access for long-term success.

We hope you’ll consider subscribing.

Why this System is So Popular

To see its features first-hand, book a demo. If you choose to subscribe, you’ll get immediate access to thousands of job-seekers who have searched for a position in the past year (we delete old and obsolete data, which isn’t always the case for others in the field with similar offerings).

Additional features of the PhysEmp database system:

  • A large and constantly updated database of vetted physician contact info, CVs, and other important info
  • A well-designed, intuitive dashboard showing candidate info at a glance
  • Many ad package choices, including auto-posting ads to aggregate sites
  • Match alert emails
  • Simple pricing customized to your needs
  • Information-rich reports showing ad performance

During your demo, we’ll do a screen share with you to show you many of the tools that recruiters are using to great success. You’ll fully understand how powerful this system is when you see it on screen. During the live demo, our sales team will answer any questions that you may have.

Ready to learn more? Book a free online demo

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Written by Warren Goldie