What PhysEmp Can Do for You is used by recruiters, hospitals, physicians, nurses, and allied health practitioners—professionals involved in medical job search. 

In this article, we’ll look at the many ways that PhysEmp helps recruiters and hospital administrators find the best candidates to fill their open positions.

Database access and the physician matching system

In one of our top services, PhysEmp provides high-quality leads (matches) to hospitals and recruitment firms.

As information is entered into our system by job seekers, it is checked and verified by our operations team.

  • We verify that physicians have been looking for jobs within the last year (while removing the ones who have accepted a position or whose contact info has become invalid). 
  • If we are unable to verify a job seeker’s information, we request corrected info while placing the record on hold. Once the record is complete, we make it viewable.

Job seekers who visit the PhysEmp site after an extended period of time have their information updated (so it isn’t stale or expired).

Feedback and reporting

PhysEmp provides feedback on ads based on our metrics and our experience.

  • Ad performance reports show how ads are doing and how they can be improved  
  • Ad usage reports relate to you and your teams’ use of ads, database, matches, direct responses, and ad view stats

Reports break down the leading requirements by aggregates for more accurate data. The more your ads meet their requirements the more exposure they will get on their networks.

Note that our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help. We keep in close touch with our clients by email and are available for assistance during business hours.

Exposure and cross-posting

PhysEmp provides automated cross-posting of ads to aggregate job sites. This creates greater visibility and can potentially bring in additional traffic.

  • We are constantly researching which aggregate sites send our clients the most traffic, while removing those that aren’t performing well. This way the client’s ads will get the greatest exposure.
  • We provide feedback and recommendations on specific information to provide in ads that will be cross-posted to aggregate sites.

PhysEmp emails job opportunities to job seekers based on the requested specialty and desired location. We also send job seekers emails who haven’t opted into the database, as a courtesy.

Marketing and PR

PhysEmp marketing and PR outreach is significant. The PhysEmp marketing team posts regular blog articles on its website and to top social media sites, produces a monthly newsletter, and shares other important information with clients and prospects.

The Physicians Employment YouTube Channel presents informative How To videos and updates.

In addition, PhysEmp reposts its clients’ LinkedIn articles related to job search, candidates, and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our business experience

PhysEmp has been in healthcare job search for 30 years, and has developed many best practices and industry insights that have helped hundreds of clients, including some of the largest employers and recruiter agencies in the field.

CEO & Chairman Bob Truog founded PhysEmp three decades ago and continues to lead it, working with top specialists to continually optimize the PhysEmp system and methodology.

Other top management include Paul Strubell, sales manager and marketing director, a PhysEmp employee for 9 years, and Kaitlon Gentry, manager of operations, customer service, physician support, and technical support. Kaitlon has 15 years of experience, including 6 with PhysEmp. 

PhysEmp’s IT Director, Saulius Razmas, leads the technical development of, one of the fastest job search sites in the field. Saulius is a senior-level Java developer with over 20 years of experience.

Want to learn more? View this video introduction of PhysEmp and its services (2 min).

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