Advertising Strategies

Why Recruiting Firms are Adjusting Advertising Strategies 

Since Covid-19 began a little over two years ago, the healthcare practitioner job market has undergone significant, and at times, disruptive, change. For some in the recruiting field, placements have been up and down, and applications variable. What is going on?

There are many factors at work here. Being at the center of medical job search for just under 30 years now, PhysEmp is well-attuned to spotting emerging and enduring trends. Some are accelerating as the medical field continues to undergo post-pandemic adjustments.

PhysEmp has been reporting on these trends for some time now. Finally, the market is catching up.

Key trends affecting hiring in 2022

Any of these can affect placements:

  • “The Great Resignation,” due mainly to Covid-19 burnout, in which we see workers leaving jobs and not returning (note, however, that much of this is an expected acceleration of an aging population of medical professionals choosing retirement)
  • Placement issues faced by residents as a result of the ongoing physician shortage as well as issues related to Covid-19
  • Fear of Covid-19 exposure
  • An increase in demand for nurse practitioners and physician assistants instead of primary care physicians
  • Workplace changes due to the rise of telemedicine (some physicians are working side-jobs in telemedicine as well)
  • New changes instituted by Google in “Google Jobs Near Me” altering the way job ads get traffic

On this last point, Google (as well as other job board aggregators) now will no longer post ads that do not include a city and zip code. Indeed, the age of the blind ad may be coming to an end.

Recruiters who ignore these new requirements do so at their peril. Who wants their ads to drop down low in search? That is what may happen to ads that don’t include city and zip code.

Recalibrate advertising to meet the changing landscape

Yet many recruiters are evolving with the times. While some holdouts remain resistant to change, there’s no point in tilting at windmills. Far better to adapt to new requirements.

Note that all of the factors above can affect placement success rate. So, it’s wise to adjust your strategy to accommodate for these changes.

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