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7 Reasons to Use Social Media in Your MD Recruiting

If you joined us for last month’s webinar on the Top 10 Social Media Strategies for Physician Recruiters, you’re up to speed on Mark H. Cohen’s tips and tools for recruiting in the social sphere. But if you missed the presentation, you’re welcome to watch the video replay anytime.


And if you’re still not convinced that social media is a great space to research and connect with physician candidates, here are a few statistics to consider:

  1. Doctors Use Social Media Frequently to Obtain Medical Information
    According to a 2012 Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) report, 61% of physicians scan social media at least weekly for medical information. No doubt, those numbers have grown even higher in recent years. Does your organization have medical information—or expert opinions—to share? If so, you should join the discussion.
  2. Physicians Contribute Their Own Knowledge to Social Sites
    That same journal found that 46% of American physicians contribute to social networks at least once a week. Again, those numbers have likely grown significantly. In any case, staying up-to-speed and commenting on on physician-authored topics in your industry is a great way to build relationships with MDs.
  3. Doctors Do a Lot of Networking Via Social Media
    A 2014 MedData Group study found that 54% of physicians use social for professional purposes. They’re putting up profiles, forging relationships with professionals in their industry, and publishing content in the areas of their expertise. If your organization isn’t represented in the social sphere, you might miss an opportunity to connect.
  4. LinkedIn is a Popular Hotspot for Doctors
    In 2014, MedData Group found that LinkedIn was the social network of choice for professional networking, followed by Facebook. Is your LinkedIn profile—and that of your organization—in good shape? If not, polish it up!
  5. Physicians Use Social Media to Connect with Peers
    According to MDigital Life, 36% of physicians who use Twitter actively network with other physicians. They may leverage these connections when consulting on cases or when collaborating in research projects. This provides an excellent opportunity for you to research them.
  6. Doctors Read News Via Social Sites
    Most MDs use social media to keep up with healthcare news and engage in discussions with peers, a 2014 MedData Group study found. Twitter is particularly helpful to scan when seeking headlines. Does your organization ever make healthcare news headlines, whether through physician employees, research, or patient news? Make sure you’re sharing them regularly on social sites with relevant hashtags.
  7. Most Companies Use Social Media to Recruit
    One more stat, and this is the kicker! According to LinkedIn Recruiting Solutions, a whopping 92% of companies recruit via social media, and it is working! 73% have hired successfully via social, 42% say candidate quality has improved, and 31% saw an increase in employee referrals. Bear in mind, this is across all industries, but the healthcare industry is certainly part of that picture.

If these stats have piqued your curiosity about the webinar, feel free to watch the video replay for the whole presentation.

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