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Exploring New Locations for Employment? Try Thinking Small

It’s common knowledge that, as a general rule, physicians tend to be attracted to larger metro areas and communities. And why not? Big cities have a lot more going on in terms of cultural amenities, restaurants, entertainment and more. That said, there are lots of opportunities in small- to medium-sized communities as well. And more often than not, small-town opportunities can be more lucrative and professionally interesting, with much less competition for those specific positions.

Three Ways It Pays to Work in Smaller Communities

There are a number of compelling reasons to consider exploring employment opportunities in smaller communities. Here are three to consider:

1) Clinically
Smaller communities can offer much more attractive opportunities, clinically, because you may be the primary physician—or one of just a few—in your specialty in that particular area.

2) Financially
Reimbursements in low-cost-of-living areas are generally higher than in big cities, which means you can enjoy a much better lifestyle if you’re open to living in smaller communities.

3) Professionally
Hospitals and clinics in smaller communities tend have a lot more physician loyalty and value their doctors much more. As a physician, you’ll get to know your clients and administration better, and you’ll have a much more loyal patient base.

So you can see, there are a number of solid reasons why it might be worth your while to “think small” when it comes to exploring new regions for employment opportunities. Here’s another positive: since there are a lower number of professionals applying for these positions, you also have a much clearer shot at the smaller market opportunity.

There is one caveat, though. Client hospitals will be looking for people who really seem to have a commitment to the area, so you want to be really honest with yourself about that. Also, if you’re originally from a smaller community, or the job in question is near an area where you have strong connections, those things will go a long way towards landing the job.

Best of luck, and stay tuned for more posts!

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