5 Ways to Show a Little Self-Love on National Doctor’s Day

National Doctor’s Day, the day that has been officially set aside to recognize your hard work and dedication, is right around the corner. You know how hard you work and how often you could use a little something extra to keep your motor running.  Take the opportunity to seize the moment and show yourself a little self-love. Here are 5 simple ways.

  1. Take a day off! Allow yourself to take a day off in honor of yourself and all that you do.  Time is precious and your own rehabilitation on a solid day away from the office is key to your vitality, energy, and stamina.  Go relax for a day!  You’ve earned it.
  2. Get a massage. Breaks are necessary and often times physicians don’t schedule in rejuvenation time.  Pamper yourself for a job well done – even if it’s just for a 15 minute foot rub.
  3. Chocolate as medicine. On this special day, go all out!  Stop at a candy shop and hand-pick a box of chocolates to bring to the office; order some gourmet chocolates online; or just run to your local health food store and grab several bars of that delicious, dark, sustainable chocolate to share.
  4. Make an appointment for a check-up.  Maybe it doesn’t sound much like a party, but honoring yourself is a way to honor others.  Schedule your annual physical on National Doctor’s Day, and make sure to tell your physician that you know what day it is.  Taking good care of your own health by trusting another to care for you is an act of admiration.
  5. Plan to Party!  Formal dinners have historically been a regular Doctor’s Day event, so if getting dolled up for an evening out sounds like fun for you, go for it!  Or meet up with friends for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for a relaxed evening.

The take-away: allow yourself to take a break, relax, have some fun, and treat yourself! This is your day to celebrate yourself, your achievements, and all you do for humanity.  

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