10 Best Cities for Physicians with Families

There is a lot to think about when planning your career, and location tops the list – especially if you have a family. If your family isn’t happy, well, you’re really just asking to be unhappy, aren’t you? You want to know which cities offer the best schools, the most manageable cost of living, and the culture that will fit your lifestyle. It pays to do some research before you start job hunting in any given area. In the meantime, here’s a list of 10 of the best cities for docs with families.

1. Apex, North Carolina – How is it a little town in Wake County, North Carolina tops the list of places for physicians with families? Well, for one thing, this is no ordinary little town. In 2015, Apex was rated number one on Money Magazine’s Best Places to Live whether you are a doctor or not.

Apex currently has a population of just under 44,000, but it’s growing. It’s not hard to see why this little town with its charming business district and affordable homes is a good choice for families, but what makes it right for physicians? Apex rests on the cusp of Raleigh, putting you within driving distances of some formidable medical opportunities like WakeMed, Rex Hospital and Duke Raleigh Hospital. With six research hospitals in the area, Apex is a practical choice for physicians interested in doing this work or those who are making family practice their specialty.

2. Austin, Texas – The Lone Star State makes the grade for a number of reasons, so if you’re heading south, think Austin. Here are a few reasons while your family will love it: The Colorado River, Lake Travis, McKinney Falls, Barton Springs, you get the idea.

Austin appears to be the king of waterways. It has a thriving music scene and its own version of a Silicon Valley, as well. On top of all that, it is ranked the second safest major city by the FBI and has a great “clean-air” policy. Consider Austin if you like to work with young children. This city has a excellent children’s hospitals (like St. David’s Children’s Hospital) and lots of families looking for the right pediatrician.

3. Boise, Idaho – If you want to go west instead of south, Boise offers some family perks (like low cost of living and one of the lowest crime rates in the country) that are worth exploring, but if your family loves love hiking and biking, Boise can’t be beat. There is an extensive network of trails in and just outside the city for those families that enjoy the outdoors.

Doctors won’t be lacking in work opportunities here, either. It is home to St. Luke’s Health Systems, Boise State University and the Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center. Think Boise if you specialize in family practice or primary care.

4. Denver, Colorado – The Mile High City is always a practical choice because it has a little bit of something for everyone: a good school system, sports, culture, and recreation.
It has one of the lowest unemployment rates is the country, in part because it is home to many major corporations. If you are running a two-income household, Denver might be the right place for your family. Denver offers opportunities in a variety of specialties including trauma surgery and orthopedics.

5. Des Moines, Iowa – First and foremost, Des Moines provides real opportunities for physicians. It has both a low cost of living and fewer-than-average physicians hanging out their shingle there. With around 600,000 residents, that means plenty of patients looking for a doctor to call their own.

It might surprise you to know that Des Moines is known for its culture, too. It offers an award-winning opera house, a classical symphony and some top-notch festivals along with impressive medical options like Mercy Medical Center and UnityPoint Health. Des Moines is a good choice for doctors who work in general practice or pediatrics.

6. Fremont, California – Fremont, California offers some of the most recognized schools around, including ones that service kids with special needs such as the California School for the Deaf and the California School for the Blind. Located just outside the San Francisco Bay area, it has a uniquely diverse population and a very interesting history. Fremont was where Charlie Chaplin filmed some of his most famous silent movies. Look at Fremont if you work in plastic surgery or cardiology.

7. Indianapolis, Indiana – If you like the idea of living in the Midwest but don’t want to give up city life, then Indianapolis, Indiana is the best of both worlds for families. It is known for its impressive school system and affordable housing. There is this little thing that happens in Indianapolis that the whole family will love, too. You might have heard of it – the Indianapolis 500. You might call Indianapolis home if you specialize in orthopedics or nephrology.

8. Johns Creek, Georgia – The schools in Johns Creek, Georgia consistently make the top lists around the country for academic excellence, which makes this mid-sized town in Fulton County very attractive to doctors looking for a home for their families. Add to that the fact that physicians in this region make more money and pay less to live; you can see the appeal. Johns Creek might be the right choice for oncologists or physicians who specialize in geriatrics.

9. Lexington, Kentucky – Bluegrass charm, some excellent horse racing, and low cost of living and taxes and puts Lexington, Kentucky into the running for a top city. By choosing Lexington, physicians gain access to some noteworthy medical facilities, as well like Saint Joseph Hospital and the University of Kentucky Hospital. Lexington works well for those in general surgery.

10. Murfreesboro, Tennessee – Last but not least on the list is the little known mid-sized city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee – if for no other reason, because they really want you there. Murfreesboro is known to aggressively recruit physicians, tempting them with low cost of living and some fine family amenities like a working pioneer village, an 18-hole disc golf course and 7 miles of bike trails. You might consider Murfreesboro if you specialize in internal or family medicine.

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