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Top healthcare organizations across the nation trust PhysEmp with their recruiting needs. Here's what they have to say about us.

I want to take a moment out of my day to recognize how valuable PhysEmp has been to the growth of Integrity Healthcare. PhysEmp has made recruitment easier for my team by putting together an outstanding website which is simple to navigate.

The quality of candidates that we receive through Physician Employment is noticeably better than other sites we frequent. Our business has grown and improved yearly through our relationship with PhysEmp. We have been a valued customer for over 12 years now, and Integrity Healthcare is grateful to have the PhysEmp team as one of our most appreciated resources.

—Rob Miranda
Senior Consultant
Integrity Healthcare
Client since 2005

I started working with PhysEmp two years ago (2013). We've had a great experience so far and the customer service is great. I think the clean look of the site attracts a great pool of candidates and the features are all very user-friendly. We make placements off of the site frequently. It's been worth the investment!

—Barbara Tamberlane
Managing Director | Physicians
ExecuSearch Group
Client since 2013

PhysEmp has helped to increase my business volume by sending me many profiles daily of physicians who are looking for opportunities that match my job database. It is easy, quick, and relatively inexpensive compared to other posting sites that do the same thing for much more money.

—Elaine Tomaschik
Lexicon Physician Recruitment
Client since 2013

We like PhysEmp because it is physician-driven, meaning that the physicians are actively looking for a position, or to at least see what is available to them. They are open for contact and often return calls/emails to talk with us-we get more responses than from candidates on other job boards.

We also like the multiple job postings that go out across the internet. It's nice to type "HospitalMD" into Google and see multiple job postings come up. Since we are a small company, the exposure is great!

With PhysEmp, we have the opportunity to contact proactive candidates and inform more physicians who now know our name, purpose, and the locations of our hospital partners. On top of it all, there is excellent customer service from the entire PhysEmp team!!!

—D.J. Bowers
Senior Recruiter
Client since 2015

I have been using PhysEmp for about two years now. As a physician recruiter, I find PhysEmp a vital part of my recruiting process. Physicians are more likely to respond to a posting, post their resume on a quality job board, or surf the internet looking for postings.

For me, PhysEmp is more than just a resume database, I use the job postings to push out to social media postings and the response is always good. There are plenty of physician job boards out there, and they are all similar in price; however, I have found that the quality of candidates, the accuracy of information, and the ease of use is superior at PhysEmp.

—Jennifer Wood, MBA
Director, Physician Recruitment
UHC Solution
Client since 2013

We have been using PhysEmp for a couple years now and have been very happy with our investment. The return on that investment has been great. The cost of their services is low and their yield is good.

—Adam La Fevers
Recruiting Sourcing Specialist
CEP America/MedAmerica, Inc.
Client since 2012

The service, staff, information, and timeliness of response with has been nothing but exceptional. When in doubt, I call, they are there to help and make it work for you.

MRA has nothing but good things happening with our relationship with I hesitate to recommend and get it out there cause my competitors will know my "secret."

I can not say enough good things about the staff... I have made "several placements" utilizing the services of Best site I use.

—Tim Wieben, CMPE
Medical Recruitment Associates, Inc.
Client since 2012

Finding quality physician leads is an ongoing challenge for our business. Over the years, we've consistently relied on PhysEmp as a source of healthcare providers. PhysEmp updates our open positions weekly for their audience. These job postings help provide additional, real-time candidates and move us closer to our goal of providing the best possible outcome for clients, healthcare providers, and their patients.

—Shawn LaMar
Interactive Marketing Manager
CHG Healthcare Services
Salt Lake City, UT
Client since 2003

PhysEmp has been a huge boost for our business. I would say a minimum of 25% of our placements come as a result of PhysEmp each year, and that is far more than any other site we use. PhysEmp consistently has been our best source for leads. Their database is kept up to date and accurate with detailed information about the physicians' search preference. PhysEmp is the best physician recruitment site out there, period!

—Tim Devereux
Chief Manager
Integrity Healthcare
Delray Beach, FL
Client since 2005 is a straightforward, easy-to-use website - not filled with cumbersome sub-links or extraneous filler. They are right to the point and simple for the user, having easy posting and straightforward navigation, which saves us time. In addition, their consistent leads delivery gives us the ability to focus on finding the right doctor for our clients.

With consistent quality of leads, nice auxillary support, a user-friendly site, and a staff that is always helpful and friendly, is the number one website for the recruiting staff at California Physician Opportunities.

—David Steward
California Physician Opportunities, Inc.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Client since 2007

By being able to advertise in multiple disciplines (EM, Family, UC and Internal Med) we attract a large number of potential candidates through PhysEmp. Also, having access to a pool of physicians has allowed me to save time and money in my recruiting efforts. I have introduced Physemp to my fellow Doctors Express Urgent Care owners and they've all had good results with their searches.

—Joe Castelano
CEO, Doctors Express
Paramus, NJ
Client since 2011

We have had many recruits from They make my job easier through their up-to-date database and available CVs. It's very helpful to be able to search by state, specialty and name. And their customer service is outstanding!

—Rebecca Foster
Recruiter, The Locums Company, LLC
Morgonton, NC
Client since 2012

I am very satisfied with PhysEmp's services. I personally use physemp's match service as my initial resource for sourcing physicians.

—Ahmed Elsayyad
Chief Executive Officer
Elsayyad Medical Group, LLC
Client since 2015

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