Increase your ROI

Increase Your ROI Through Fast, Efficient Technology to Aid the Placement Process

by Warren Goldie

Hospital administrators and healthcare recruiters looking to place physicians in jobs are always seeking ways to increase their return on investment (ROI)—that is, to achieve more and faster placements. One way to do that is by using technological best practices: effective digital ads and high quality data.

Isn’t ROI virtually always tied to the performance of ads and data?


Ads should be written to professional standards and rank high in the online search—or no one will see them. Data in physician search databases must be current and accurate. Busy recruiters don’t have the time to hassle with slow or inefficient technologies, or old, obsolete data.

With PhysEmp, those issues are not a problem. PhysEmp streamlines technological processes, making the job of recruiters and administrators faster and easier.

Clients renew with us year after year mostly for these 4 reasons:

  1. Our convenient, intuitive user interface (UX)—a dashboard for managing ads and understanding their performance. This front-end has been continually improved over many years to accommodate for changing trends and evolving client needs
  2. Access to an extensive database of high-quality physician candidates. All of our physician data is less than a year old. Old data is deleted from the system after 12 months, as a policy
  3. Evidence that ROI is being met—our clients are finding and placing physicians
  4. The high standard of customer service that comes with 30 years in the field, including comprehensive technical and sales support

PhysEmp keeps in close touch with our clients. We actively manage our physician candidate database to ensure that data is up-to-date, unlike some in the field who will simply dump data on clients and say, “Here it is. Good luck.”

Support is paramount to our business. We pass on our intelligence in knowledgeable assistance and streamlined services.

A subscription service is the key to better ROI

An annual fee earns our clients a 1-year subscription. This commitment to our service ensures that the full benefit will be gained.

For example, a recent client contracted for advertising services that included:

  1. A 100-ad package
  2. Access to our system for “matching.” Matching delivers the contact info of physicians who match a search criteria who are seeking jobs right now, and alerts the physicians in our network about similar opportunities
  3. Additional posting of ads to our aggregate partner sites which can include ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn and other high-traffic sites. Note that we monitor the performance of a host of job aggregator sites to maximize our postings (thus site choices can change). The goal is the greatest visibility of ads.

If ads include robust info (e.g., city, zip code, etc.) then they are automatically added to the job aggregate sites.

Database access

Clients who wish greater firepower to find qualified candidates can opt to subscribe to our database of physicians actively seeking jobs. This service includes:

  • Access to a highly curated database of many thousands of physicians who have shared with us their specialty, area of interest and other pertinent info
  • Access to our search capability, the fastest in the industry, optimized for rapid page loading on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Robust intelligence in the form of reports that help you make the best choices and enable you to allocate your time efficiently

For physicians seeking jobs, offers access to thousands of open positions.

A new feature, “Most recent physicians”

Recruiters and hospital admins often have ongoing needs, for example, to fill certain repeating positions. “I always need podiatry, family practice, pediatrics, and internal medicine, and I don’t want to have to do 5 searches each day,” one client says. “And I don’t want to run yet another search to see who’s new in the system.”

With PhysEmp, all those search results are sent to the client in a single daily email for convenience. In addition, a recently implemented feature (in response to a frequent client request) presents a list of all the newest physicians who have come into the database, sortable as desired.

Hundreds of physicians are added to the PhysEmp system each day—doctors who have opted in intentionally (rather than being added from purchased lists or potentially questionable sources).

Every physician in our system has applied or inquired about a job on Thus, we can ensure that our data is high quality and current.

So, what’s the best way to increase your ROI?

In addition to your own intelligent strategy and hard work, access to high-tech help that assists by managing ads and offering fresh data can make all the difference in finding that ideal candidate.

Ready to start connecting with physicians? Contact PhysEmp today for a free demo.

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