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What’s Better: A Larger Database of Job-Seeking Physicians or a More Curated One?

Recruiters and hospital administrators are constantly scouring online databases in search of the best physicians to fill open positions. So, which is better: a massive database of physician names (but that may not always be verifiable or current) or a curated database with fewer but fresher names?

There’s a misconception we sometimes see in the industry—that more is better. Some sites boast 20K or more names in their database. But in reality, much of that data is often old and obsolete, which can be a time-waster for busy professionals looking to be as efficient as possible as they work to fill positions.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to see data of up to 4 years old in some services—lists of physicians who are no longer looking, whose email address has changed, who have moved to a different city. Sometimes that data is pulled straight off of public platforms such as LinkedIn and other social media sites.

How we keep our data clean

PhysEmp has seen its success continually grow over 30 years by taking a different approach—offering a smaller (but considerable) dataset of only high quality candidates looking for jobs RIGHT NOW. All our physician job-seekers have visited our site in the past year and personally shared with us their areas of interest. Our goal is to never waste recruiters’ time by requiring them to wade through old, useless names.

PhysEmp never buys lists or adds in data that cannot be verified. We carefully tend our database and never sully it, making it the freshest and most actionable in the field. Every physician in our system has searched for a job this year. We offer not only those who are actively looking, but we drop off the ones who have found jobs or no longer want to be contacted. Our commitment to clean data and respect for professional ethics sets us apart and keeps our clients coming back year after year.

Who wants to wait 3-5 seconds for a screen to load?

Recruiters and hospital administrators are busy people working in a hyper-competitive field. PhysEmp absolutely respects their time. Most of our clients log into our system daily or multiple times a day, seeing both the candidates they are working with and new ones who’ve just come into the system, along with reviewing performance reports and managing their ads.

As more people are using their mobile phones to access information, speed becomes a pressing issue. Desktop computers and office networks are still faster than mobile phones. A slower site becomes more frustrating on a mobile device to use than the same site on desktop computer.

PhysEmp’s groundbreaking technology offers a lightning fast mobile experience for both job seekers and recruiters. Our back-end systems have been refined and optimized year after year, based on client feedback, making it the fastest performing site in the industry on all devices. Recruiters and hospital admins see a clear, easy-to-understand dashboard providing the information they want to see updated daily.

We monitor, scrub and tighten our database daily, ensuring that we are offering only the names of physicians who are actively looking.

Quality data offers better candidate matches

Clients who opt into our “matching” service receive an email daily showing only the docs who meet their search criteria, delivered as a batch rather than in time-consuming multiple emails. We also provide matching the other way—emailing job-seeking physicians who’ve opted into our service. A cardiologist, for example, seeking a position in California, receives a batch email with all open positions, sent daily, bi-weekly, weekly or once-a-month, whichever option is preferred.

Matching is effective and highly valued by our clients—and frequently results in placements.

After three decades in a fast-evolving industry, PhysEmp has mastered all sides of the business. Our service meets the needs of our clients—a speedy site presenting the cleanest, most current data, accessible on desktop and mobile devices, which gives our clients the most powerful tool on the market for finding and placing physicians.

Ready to start connecting with physicians? Contact PhysEmp today for a free demo.

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