Google For Jobs

Ready for primetime? Your jobs are now integrated with Google for Jobs.

Good news, recruiters and employers! Your job ads are about to level up big-time in the visibility department, thanks to Google’s new job search feature.

The new search function, called “Google for Jobs,” allows job seekers to view open positions typically just seen on career sites simply by performing a Google search. And that’s huge news for you, since so many physicians looking for jobs use Google every day.

How’s Google getting the info, you wonder? And how can you make sure your job ad shows up? (Hold tight, we’ll get to that part in a sec.)

Without getting too technical, we’ll explain: Google crawls the webpages of job listings and indexes the content so the jobs show up in their search results. But in order for them to be visible to Google in the first place, the listings have to be coded a certain way.

We’ve done most of the legwork already by making sure all your job listings on our website have the necessary markup (you’re welcome). But—here’s where you come in—the listings with the most specific information will get prioritized in the search results.

So what does that mean for you? Namely, that it’s in your best interest to make sure to include a complete, detailed description for each job ad you create, including location (especially the city!), employer name, salary, and all that jazz—don’t skimp on the small stuff.

Got any questions about how to optimize your job ads? Feel free to email us at Otherwise, happy job posting—may the applications roll in!

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