New Database Features

New Features in the PhysEmp Database Allow Faster, Easier Candidate Search

If you’re a user of the PhysEmp database, you’ve experienced the speed and power of our candidate search and matching capabilities. Several new features have been added recently in response to user requests, which are described below.

Most features are accessed from these 4 tools on the home screen:

  • My Report shows how your ads are performing 
  • My Posts is where you manage your ads
  • My Matches displays your top candidates (we also email them to you)
  • My Database gives you access to the candidate database

Narrow your candidate search using filters

Are you looking only for physicians who have provided a CV (most of ours have; around 81% in the PhysEmp database)? Or maybe you want to limit your search to doctors who are U.S. citizens? Perhaps you need to fill a part-time, rather than a full-time, position? 

  • Use the filter box to search based on your desired parameters
  • Sort by Last Updated to organize physicians by the recency of their application. 

There are endless options for sorts: by salary, stage of career, willingness to move or work in a certain specialty, date of graduation of residency, what stage of career a doctor is in (you might want someone who is older and wanting to wind down their career, or perhaps a doctor who may be open to move and start over).

Within seconds you can have the perfect candidate right before your eyes. Click on a record to view that physician’s information.


View detailed, verified info about candidates

View CVs

Our system automatically detects if a physician’s uploaded CV is a Word doc or a PDF. Download the CV directly to your computer with a simple click.

‘Notes’ field  New

We’ve upgraded the system so that now each physician-record includes a Notes field where you can record your contact history with that candidate. This is particularly useful if more than one recruiter is working at your company and accessing the same candidate data.


Track communications with the candidate using the Notes field

Logging notes can be an invaluable aid in the often long recruiting process.


It can be helpful to know exactly when physicians have entered the system that match your requirements.

Say, for example, a Family Practice physician, “Dr. Fred Everett,” interested in working in Florida, has entered his info into the system. If you were running an ad for a family practice position in Florida at the time, our system would identify the match and send you an alert email: “Your ad matches with Dr. Fred Everett,” offering you a warm lead.

On the physician’s end, the system will send an email to Dr. Everett about your open position that matches his needs. Matches are sent both ways.


Search the database by specialty (and, if desired, by subspecialty) and other pertinent criteria

‘Most Recent Physicians’  New

Perhaps this is your concern: “I have 15 different specialties in which I work. If I want to see the newest physicians, I have to go in every day and do 15 different searches to see if someone new has come in. Can this be easier?”

Yes! The new Most Recent Physician feature displays the latest physicians who have come into the system.

  • Organized by date entered
  • Can be sorted any way you choose
  • Displays physicians who have entered the system in the last 1 month (or 3 months, if there are very few in a particular specialty)
  • Displays all record info including CV, details, notes, etc.

The PhysEmp database is the most versatile and powerful tool in the industry, giving you full control of physician data and offering robust features that can speed up your process in your search for the perfect candidate.

Each physician’s data has been checked and verified by our team. Our quality control process ensures accurate data.

Want to learn more? Contact Kaitlon (email) our operations manager, and she’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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