Healthy Cocoa

Heart-Healthy Hot Cocoa in Honor of #HeartMonth

Courtesy of the American Heart Association, here’s an inviting video tutorial on how to make creamy cocoa that’s actually good for the heart. Just in time for #HeartMonth.

There’s nothing quite like a thick mug of hot chocolate made with full-fat cream—but as any cardiologist knows, heavy cream can place a heavy burden upon the heart. If you’d like to offer your patients a tasty, healthy alternative with a similar consistency, here’s a great option from the AHA:

As you no doubt read last year, a study published in the journal Heart found that habitual eaters of dark chocolate had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and strokes compared to people who didn’t eat chocolate. This recipe calls for heart-healthy cocoa and should help your patients fend off those last chilly days of winter!

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