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11 Best Cities for Millennial Physicians

As a millennial and a physician, you have a lot to consider when it comes to finding the right place to live and work. You don’t just want something with great career opportunities – after all, you’re in the prime of life! You want a city with tons to see and do, easy access to transportation, a variety of eateries and social gathering places – a place that will fit your active social lifestyle. So how can you find the right balance of career opportunities with a city that fits your lifestyle? We’ve put together a list of the top 11 cities for millennial physicians to help you start your your search.

  1. Madison, Wisconsin – Physicians are attracted to Madison for multiple reasons – but the most pull likely comes from the high physician salary ($302,000 annually on average). In addition, Madison is a hub for art, music, and culture and the downtown housing industry is booming, making it an attractive place to live for millennials in any field. The icing on the top of the cake? Madison has open opportunities for physicians of nearly every discipline, including hospitalists and allergists to name a couple.
  2. Cambridge, Massachusetts – Named a Best City for Millennials by Forbes in 2015 (and landing at the top of that list), Cambridge boasts manageable commutes, quaint coffee shops, and a bustling night life. In addition to Harvard University, Cambridge is home to Cambridge Health Alliance and Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. In addition, there are opportunities galore for physicians in Cambridge.
  3. Columbus, Ohio – Columbus is a great place for young doctors who are raising a family. The cost of living is exceptionally low and the schools are among the best in the country. There are ample work opportunities for medical doctors in Ohio; Ohio Gastroenterology Group is currently recruiting a Physician Relations Representative while Juvly Aesthetics is looking for a Medical Director.
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota – Like many of the other cities that made our list, Minneapolis boasts high physician compensation in comparison to national averages. The city boasts ample opportunity for outdoor sports and access to arts and culture. Minneapolis healthcare facilities are now hiring a neurophysiologist, urgent care physician, and more.
  5. John’s Creek, Georgia – Not only do doctors make more money in this suburb of Atlanta, but they also enjoy a low cost of living (for the East coast, anyway). John’s Creek offers diversity, quality schools, and upscale neighborhoods. The primary medical centers in John’s Creek are Emory Johns Creek Hospital and Gwinnett Medical Center. Current open positions in the Johns Creek area include emergency medicine, primary care, and osteopathy opportunities.
  6. Boise, Idaho – Boise’s wide open spaces and ski resort communities are a perfect fit for physicians with a flare for the outdoors or family at home. Despite the low cost of living, physician salaries match the national average. Boise is home to several first class medical facilities including the Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, and Intermountain Hospital. From a specialty as generalized as primary care or as specialized as allogeneic transplants, there is a facility hiring someone like you.
  7. Birmingham, Alabama – Birmingham offers the best of both worlds – a combination of high compensation for physicians (the average is $296,000, nearly 5% above the national average) and a low cost of living, which means your dollar goes even further yet. If you’re into breweries, music festivals, or sports, they have that, too. Finally, whether you’re a cardiologist or family practice doc, there’s an opportunity to fit your expertise.
  8. Grand Rapids, Michigan – The first and perhaps most exciting attraction for healthcare providers considering employment in Michigan is the licensure process, which is accompanied by less red tape than in other states. In addition, there are high quality medical schools, universities, and healthcare organizations in the area. The majority of open positions today are for family medicine or primary care physicians.
  9. Manchester-Nashua, New Hampshire – Compensation for physicians in the Manchester-Nashua area averages an impressive $322,000 a year, coming in second place in the nation. Other great reasons to consider a career in Manchester include local attractions and entertainment and comfortable weather. Massachusetts General Hospital is often seeking to add physicians to their team with current openings for a director and a family medicine physician.
  10. Arlington, Virginia – Whether your specialty is sleep medicine, occupational health, or internal medicine, there is work for you in Arlington. Arlington is not only attractive to millennials but to healthcare professionals and parents as well. Safety, parks, schools, and a manageable commute are at the top of the list of attractions.
  11. San Francisco, California – San Francisco and nearby suburbs are a great place for a young physician to settle down. Physician engagement is exceptionally high in California and the weather and scenery are more than ideal. However, the cons of living in the San Fran area include lower physician salaries and a higher cost of living.

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