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Twitter’s 10 Years Old! What That Means for M.D. Recruiters

Twitter, the San Francisco-based microblogging giant that changed the way the world communicates, is turning ten today. They’ve put together this inspiring video to mark the occasion, and it’s worth a quick watch for all M.D. recruiters out there. Read more

Working the Room: 5 Twitter Tips for Physician Recruiters

Contrary to popular belief, Twitter isn’t just a forum for thoughts on Kim Kardashian’s love life or debating the coolest character on Mad Men (it’s a tie between Peggy Olson and Don Draper, obviously). Beyond pop culture talk, there are a lot of interesting things being said in the Twitterverse. Think of it as a big party: sure, there’s some mindless chitchat, but there are also some pockets of quality conversation going on—especially on the topic of medicine. Read more