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National Doctors Day is Wednesday, March 30

This Wednesday, celebrate the dedicated physicians in your organization in honor of National Doctors Day!

Since 1933, HR teams at hospitals and clinics across the country have made March 30 a special day to say thanks to the amazing physicians who benefit their facility and community. It’s a wonderful thing to do and, moreover, research shows that recognition programs dramatically improve employee engagement, reducing turnover. Here are some suggestions.

Special Recognition Event/Dinner

There are all kinds of ways to approach this one! You can plan a recognition ceremony, a catered meal, or even just offer to take your facility’s physicians out for a special meal—one on one, or all together. If you don’t have time to plan it before Wednesday, you can schedule it for a few weeks from now and give out invites on the 30th.

Gifts and Gift Bags

Everybody loves to be recognized for their hard work, and no one works harder than physicians! A card signed from team members is a great start, or you could prepare fun gift bags with items your physicians will enjoy. A few suggestions: mugs are always useful, chocolates are almost universally loved, healthy on-the-go treats are great for physicians, and so on.

When In Doubt… Gift Cards

If you don’t have time to pull something together, or you’re not sure what your docs would like, gift cards are a safe and easy option. Thoughtful options might include: spa or massage certificates, high-caliber restaurant gift cards, movie passes.

Whatever you do, be sure to take a moment and honor your physicians on Wednesday, March 30!