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Physician Job Interviewing Tips: Top 5 Don’ts

As you know, the world of medicine is a highly competitive industry. And although new physician job opportunities can seem plentiful, there are many qualified candidates lining up to interview for the best opportunities. To help you get a competitive edge and make a positive impression in that first interview, we’ve interviewed recruiting experts Tim Mulvaney and Jonathan James of UHC Solutions, a top healthcare recruiting agency that has helped thousands of physicians meet their career objectives. Read more

Physicians Top the List of U.S. News’ 2015 “Best Jobs” Report

According to the U.S. News & World Report, jobs in health care and technology are among the best to land in 2015. Read more

Top 3 Job-Search Tips for Residency Students & Locum Tenens

Guest Q&A with AJ Rachele
Owner, Medical Placement and Search International

Q: When should a residency student start their job search?

A: In general, it’s best to start early in your final year of training, whether that would be your final year of Residency or Fellowship. Most practices don’t start their recruiting process more than a year in advance of their need, though one exception would be if the institution where you are training has a position projected for a later start date (e.g. due to retirement or expansion). Read more

PhysEmp Job-Search Tip: Try to Keep an Open Mind During Interviews

By Bob TruogBob Truog, PhysEmp CEO
PhysEmp CEO

In our Job-Search Tips series, we invite physician job-search experts of all stripes to share their top tips.

Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in and reach out to the recruiter or company, generally the next step is the introductory phone interview. This is where it’s crucial for physicians and residents to remember one important thing: try to keep an open mind throughout the conversation. Read more

Exploring New Locations for Employment? Try Thinking Small

It’s common knowledge that, as a general rule, physicians tend to be attracted to larger metro areas and communities. And why not? Big cities have a lot more going on in terms of cultural amenities, restaurants, entertainment and more. That said, there are lots of opportunities in small- to medium-sized communities as well. And more often than not, small-town opportunities can be more lucrative and professionally interesting, with much less competition for those specific positions. Read more