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What Do Physicians In 2023 Care Most About?

by Warren Goldie

The question of what is on physicians’ minds at this point in time is worth considering, especially for those working in the healthcare employment field.

Physician concerns have certainly evolved over the years. In the 19th century, doctors were busy learning about germ theory, anesthesia, and antiseptics, while advocating for public health in terms of better sanitation, cleaner water, and quarantining to fight diseases such as tuberculosis and cholera.

Physicians of the 20th century were focused on treating chronic illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, while advancing medical research and developing new vaccines, antibiotics, and surgical techniques.

What Do 21st Century Physicians Care About Most?

The top priority for all working physicians today of course is providing high-quality care to their patients, treating illnesses and injuries, and promoting wellness and disease prevention.

Given the rapid changes over the past few years, and the innumerable technological advances, the following issues have risen to the top for those working in medicine today:

1. Job Satisfaction

The number 1 concern for physicians is finding the right role and employer. Seeking positions on job boards such as helps physicians find the ideal, best-fit role. Working with recruiters who are expert in the field can open up doors and present possibilities one might not be aware of. Finding the right position can lead to improved morale, lower burnout rates, and greater overall job satisfaction.

2. Mental health and burnout

The medical field was rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Great Resignation, which saw many physicians retire or exit medicine, as exhaustion and mental health concerns moved to the forefront. Experts see this trend increasing in 2023. Physicians can benefit by prioritizing strategies that promote wellness, such as mindfulness training, flexible work scheduling, and pursuing mental health support. 2023 is a year in which physicians’ own health has become a hugely important issue.

3. Health equity and social determinants of health

Health equity is the idea that everyone should have access to good healthcare regardless of race, income, gender and other factors. While health equity has been a concern, recent events such as COVID-19 and rapid societal change have brought this issue front and center. In 2023, many hospitals, medical institutions and physicians find themselves focusing on addressing the social determinants of healthcare and health disparities.

4. Climate change and public health

The effects of climate change is significantly impacting public health. Extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods and wildfires; food insecurity; waterborne diseases; and greater air pollution will make this issue more urgent in the coming years. Some in the medical field will advocate for policies to address the health impacts of climate change and offer sustainable practices to offset its effects.

5. Staying current with technological advances

Always an important topic for medical professionals, keeping abreast of the latest medical knowledge and research is essential. The rise of A.I., machine learning, robotic surgery practices, genomic medicine, and more, means that doctors will need to budget time to keep abreast of the fast-evolving tech reality. Doctors spend years in medical school undergoing rigorous training, and yet must constantly retrain to stay current with treatments and practices.

6. Keeping in touch with colleagues and the medical community

Physicians must stay connected with peers in the field. Attending conferences, participating in online forums/discussion boards, joining professional organizations, reading medical journals, and enrolling in continuing education are all important. Physicians benefit when they share best practices, collaborate on research, and advocate for policies that support high-quality healthcare.

7. Technology and data privacy

With the rapidly increasing use of electronic health records, telemedicine and other technologies, data privacy and security will be continue to be important factors in 2023. Physicians and medical institutions will be advocating for stronger regulations around data sharing and transparency to protect patient privacy.

Those are a few of the top issues today!

Whether you are a physician, nurse, allied health professional, recruiter or administrator, you are involved in employment and career issues in the medical field. It’s always wise to have an understanding of the current concerns.

“Knowledge is power,” as the saying goes, and power can help you work smarter and more successfully to understand the fast-changing world of physicians and medical professionals.

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