Positive Effects of Pets in the Workplace

Many of us have pets.  They make us happy, keep us company, they’re snuggly, they’re soft, and for most of us, are excellent companions we consider to be members of our family.  So what does this have to do with the workplace?  Well, all of the above.  As recruiters, you are busy, on-the-go, and consistently working to improve your pitch, your presentation, and your delivery. A big part of your success is your working environment and the milieu in which you contribute to.  A positive, supporting atmosphere fosters security, creativity, and sincerity, as well as a low-stress environment…and who doesn’t want all that?

Bernie, PhysEmp’s office pup, is ready to answer calls from our clients and physicians. But first a treat!

On April 11th, our entire nation will celebrate National Pet Day.  What better way to bring your team together and encourage a relaxed, productive work environment than by bringing in some bright, cuddly, happy pets to cheer up the place? Whether you adopt an office cat, host a pet adoption event, or allow your employees to bring in pets from home, here are three great reasons to bring pets into the office:

  1. Boosting Morale
    Studies show that pets (mostly of the canine and feline varieties) are terrific when it comes to boosting morale, increasing feelings of well-being, and even assisting in lowering anxiety, blood pressure, and stress.  Bonding with an animal is a form of friendship, an act of trust, and a sure-fire way to build connections both with the pet itself and with fellow animal lovers.  Co-workers who connect over shared interests outside of assigned work are more likely to find a comfort level that will spill over into their working environment, encouraging cooperation and teamwork. 
  2. Increase in Productivity
    Bringing a pet into the office, even for just one day, can be a great way to raise moral.  Happiness in the work environment leads to employees feeling content, which lends to employees staying on the job for longer durations.  There are clear correlations between employee satisfaction and productivity, which is probably why several companies (including large businesses like Google) are adopting the idea of allowing their employees to bring pets to the workplace.  Happy employees make good work. 
  3. Health & Well-Being
    Having a pet in the office encourages breaks, which is a good thing! Studies show that people who get up and walk away from their desk to take a short break every 50 minutes or so are healthier, more vibrant, and maintain stamina throughout their day.  Taking a dog for a quick walk around the building is a chance to get a breath of fresh air, stretch your legs, and reset your mind.  Fresh perspectives are a positive asset to any working environment, and a quick break away from the daily grind with a furry friend can be just the ticket.
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