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Now You Can Like and Hide Physician Records with the PhysEmp Database

If you’re a subscriber to the PhysEmp database of thousands of physician job seekers, you may be interested in learning about the recently added feature, Like/Hide.

Here’s how it works. After you perform a candidate search, you’ll see a results screen of doctors who meet your search criteria. To like a promising candidate, simply click the thumbs-up icon on the left.


Like a candidate

Liking candidates is a way to group your favorites in one place and then see them quickly and easily. All liked candidates appear within the My Favorites tab for easy viewing:


Listing of liked candidates

You may want to hide candidates who are no longer interested in positions. You do this by simply clicking the eye icon. Then they will no longer appear in searches (unless you again change their status).


Hide candidates from view

View hidden candidates by clicking the Hidden tab within the My Candidates tab:


View your hidden candidates

That’s it! We hope you find the Like/Hide feature useful.

At PhysEmp, we are constantly evolving our technology to meet client needs

We see our job as empowering recruiters and hospital administrators to more easily and speedily find top candidates through our cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable customer support. Our technology and tools are powerful, easy-to-use, and streamlined.

Want to learn more about how PhysEmp’s physician database speeds up and improves candidate search? Contact our operations team (email) to get your questions answered.

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