Don’t Worry, Be Appy… & Find Your Dream Job with’s Job Search App

There’s busy, and then there’s finishing-med-school-busy, locum-tenens-busy and fulltime-physician-busy! We know there’s a lot riding on the shoulders of your lab coat each day, so we’re bringing job search right to your pocket. That new dream job is (literally) right at your fingertips with our newly improved job search app for iPhone and tablet.

Think of us as your job search assistant. Here’s how we can help:

1. On-the-Go Search: Search and apply for jobs anytime, anywhere. Our app works on all iPhones and tablets, which means that five minutes here or will add up to you landing that perfect employment opportunity.

2. Customized Search: You can customize your search by position type, specialty, area choice (country and state) to easily zero in on a position that meets all of your desired criteria.

3. Save Search: In a hurry? No worries, you can save your search and we’ll have it at the ready whenever you return.

4. Save Jobs: Only have time to skim job listings today? Just mark intriguing jobs as “favorites” and come back to them later.

5. Apply for Jobs: Who needs to lug a laptop around? You can apply for jobs right from our app and your application will go straight to the recruiter who placed the ad.

6. Apply History: We’ll save your application history so you’ll have an easy-to-access record of jobs you’ve applied to.

7. Personal Profile: You can create your own personal profile, complete with contact information, specialty and area choices AND have the option to either Search Privately or Be Found By Recruiters.

Ready to start searching on the go? Find us online at  and in the iTunes store on your iPhone or tablet.

Happy searching!

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