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Why Haven’t I Heard of You?

Occasionally, a recruiter will call us to inquire about our services and ask, “Why haven’t I heard of you?” Of course, what they really mean is: “Why haven’t I heard of you until now.” It’s an interesting question that may have less to do with our quality of service, high client retention rate (80+%), and […]

ChatGPT Can Speed Up the Physician Recruiting Process

ChatGPT, the game-changing artificial intelligence chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022, is taking the world by storm and increasingly influencing the way recruiting is performed. After just three months, ChatGTP has gained 100 million users, making it the fastest-growing consumer app in history. Each month, about 13 million users visit its site. Competing chatbots […]

5 Trends in Physician Recruiting in 2023

What’s been happening in the physician recruiting field? Quite a lot. As the pool of working physicians continues to shrink, competition for top talent remains fierce. The high demand had led to intensely competitive practices, as recruiters and organizations work hard and creatively to find and place candidates. PhysEmp has identified the following 5 trends […]

Some States are Requiring Salary or Salary Range Be Included in Ads

Over the past year, job boards such as PhysEmp have increasingly asked advertisers to include more information in their posted ads. This request is due in part to requirements by Google as they map out the job landscape (also, learn about the importance of including a city and zip code in ads). But in fact […]

3 Technology Breakthroughs for Delivery of Care that ‘Touch’ Patients

It’s not really hot news that medical technologies have been accelerating at breakneck speed for years, with much attention going to impressive advances such as robotic-assisted surgery, tissue engineering, 3D-printing, centralized command centers, and more. And then there is tech that hovers “close” to the patient, literally touching the skin, including smart beds, virtual reality […]

Why You Should Include a Physical Address in Your Ads

Google is requesting that those of us who post job ads provide complete info, including the physical address (and zip code) of jobs. So, it’s important that you include an address in your ad. Here’s why: Google is working to map the entire job marketplace—and so, the more details we can provide on a job’s […]

2022 Rewind: Last Year’s Top Accomplishments

Welcome to 2023! The staff at PhysEmp wishes you a good and productive New Year! We’d like to take a moment to rewind back to last year’s top accomplishments – advances we’ve implemented that benefit both clients and job seekers alike. Here are a few: A faster website. Who isn’t pressed for time? Job seekers […]

7 Exciting New Features Coming to the PhysEmp Job Site in 2023

PhysEmp is proud to announce new features coming in 2023 that will improve the user experience for both advertisers and job seekers alike. Here are 7 that we are particularly excited about: More speed! PhysEmp users know that a click to any link on the site brings up the next page lightning fast. This is […]